Our Story

Cirkul was created by two former student athletes, Garrett and Andy, who were frustrated with the current beverage options. As athletes, they understood the importance of proper hydration, but there was one big problem. Garrett and Andy both found plain water a bit boring at times. Andy would drink sugary sodas and sports drinks, while Garrett opted for messy powders and drops. They knew there had to be a better way to get the delicious flavor they wanted, and the healthy hydration they needed.

Who is Cirkul for?

We created Cirkul to help everyone drink more water. At its core - Cirkul is a simple concept, and we believe in simple values. We promise to do our best to: help everyone drink more water, embrace individuality by empowering you to make your drink as unique as you are, reduce the waste created by the bottled beverage industry, show that beverages can be delicious and healthy, and finally, add convenience to your life.

What's different about Cirkul?

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  • More Water

    Constantly on the go with busy schedules, Garrett and Andy wanted something that was convenient for their lifestyles.

  • Less Mess

    Let’s be honest, who actually likes to clean? Cirkul always has only pure water in the bottle, which means less time cleaning and more time enjoying.

  • More Control

    Cirkul is the first option to bring full customization to you conveniently and cleanly. We believe your drink should be as unique as you are!

  • Less Waste

    We created Cirkul to be a smarter solution both financially and environmentally.

Cirkul has come a long way over the years.

  • Our first prototype showed that our idea could work (kinda). Together we drank water and tasted flavor. In unison we said "maybe we're onto something?"
  • Next came a (slightly) more streamlined version. We added added back-flow prevention and it continued to (kinda) work.
  • Then, we figured we should probably figure out a way to fit this into a bottle - Cirkul continued to slowly come together.
  • Finally, after saving up a bit of money combined with winning a startup competition - we were able to get something done that was a bit more professional.
  • Finally, after years of refining our idea, talking with hundreds of people about what could help them drink more water, we're pleased to present Cirkul (click below and we'll send you one for free!)

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