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Enjoy Your Water Your Way

Customize your hydration with Cirkul. Adjust your drink's flavor from light to bold - all under your control.

1 Fill your bottle with water

2 Insert your flavor cartridge

3 Turn the dial to adjust flavor


Hydration Made Easy

Drinking more water has never been so easy, convenient, and fun.


Finally, Water is Your Favorite Beverage

With over 140 refreshing flavors you can choose from electrolyte, energy, or vitamin-enhanced options to keep you happily hydrated.

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Healthy Hydration,
Zero Guilt.

Healthy meets tasty with Cirkul. No sugar, zero calories - the perfect alternative to sugary drinks.

No Artificial Colors

No Artificial Colors

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Flavors

No Sugar

No Sugar

Zero Calories

Zero Calories


Save Time, The Environment, & Money with Cirkul!


Just add water and insert your flavor cartridge and hydrate on the go.


84% less plastic, 96% less carbon emissions from shipping.


Each cartridge flavors 6 bottle fill ups on a medium setting at less than 60 cents per bottle.

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The Water Bottle Revolutionizing TikTok

Join the TikTok hype with Cirkul. Discover why it's the favorite water bottle of the community!

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Cirkul is amazing! This has been an amazing change for my whole family. - Kimberly K.

Water you waiting for?

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