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Welcome to FLVRLAB where the mixing never ends and the new flavors just keep coming!

In 2023 we’ll continue launching new, exclusive flavors, every third Thursday. These never-before-sipped flavors will only be available for a limited time, while supplies last.

If you’re ready for something new, then mark your calendar for every Thirsty Thursday so you don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of these exclusive Sipster events.

May 18
Raspberry Lime Sip Pedastal

Raspberry Lime

Time to wake your taste buds from their winter slumber. Raspberry and lime take freshness to a whole new level. No better way to welcome in summer than this sweet and zesty combo!

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18% of stock left
Limit 10 per order
Raspberry Lime
Apr 20
Coconut Lime Sip Pedastal

Coconut Lime

Sold Out

Mar 16
Berry Lemonade Sip Pedastal

Berry Lemonade

Sold Out

Feb 16
Orange Clementine Sip Pedastal

Orange Clementine

Sold Out

Jan 19
Kiwi Berry Sip Pedastal

Kiwi Berry

Sold Out

Dec 15
Blackberry Burst Sip Pedastal

Blackberry Burst

Sold Out

Nov 22
Blueberry Grape Sip Pedastal

Blueberry Grape

Sold Out

Oct 20
Lime Sip Pedastal


Sold Out

Sep 15
Cool Melon Sip Pedastal

Cool Melon

Sold Out

Aug 18
Strawberry Sip Pedastal


Sold Out

Jul 21
Berry Citrus Sip Pedastal

Berry Citrus

Sold Out

Jun 16
Island Punch Sip Pedastal

Island Punch

Back For Good

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May 19
Orange Mango Sip Pedastal

Orange Mango

Sold Out

Apr 21
Passion Fruit Dragon Fruit Sip Pedastal

Passion Fruit Dragon Fruit

Sold Out

Mar 17
Strawberry Banana Sip Pedastal

Strawberry Banana

Sold Out

Feb 17
Honeycrisp Apple Sip Pedastal

Honeycrisp Apple

Back For Good

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Jan 20
Blue Raspberry Sip Pedastal

Blue Raspberry

Back For Good

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Assorted Cirkul flavors