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Hydration Made Easy.

Sometimes drinking enough water can be challenging.

Our mission is to make drinking water convenient, delicious, and fun.

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LifeSip Fruit Punch Cirkul Sip
No Sugar No Calories
No Artificial Flavors 84% Less Plastic No Artificial Colors
  • Convenient - Hydrate on the Go!

    Road trip dreams on the daily commute to work.

    Sipping on the FitSip Tropical Blast will have you planning your next exotic get away.

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  • Delicious - Water Never Tasted this Good!

    Mmm, this LifeSip Peach Mango is smooth, sweet, and just right.

    Next up it’s going to be LifeSip Strawberry Kiwi or Gateway Raspberry Tea, I can’t decide!

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  • Fun - Design a Custom Bottle!

    You’re a one-of-a-kind and now your bottle can reflect who you are.

    Choose your bottle, lid color, photo, or graphic and Cirkul will do the rest.

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What is Cirkul?

Cirkul's innovative bottle allows you to flavor your water sip by sip.
Go from drinking plain water, to drinking your new favorite beverage, and back to drinking plain water with a turn of the flavor dial.

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Choose refreshing fruity blends, or
rich coffees and teas



All-natural flavors without any
added colors or dyes, just plain delicious.


Zero Calories

Zero calories, no sugar,
delicious hydration you can enjoy.



The easier (and tastier!) it is to
drink water, the more water you will drink.



You are in full control of your flavor,
dial up or down as you please.



Just add water and turn the dial
for 6 fill-ups of your favorite flavor on the go.



Each Cirkul Sip will give you about 6
fill-ups on a medium setting.



84% less plastic, 99% less carbon
emissions from shipping.

FitSip Mixed Berry
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What Sipsters say!

Check out what these happy Sipsters had to say about hydrating with Cirkul!

  • "My preschooler is drinking more water than ever from his 'magic bottle' and I love that he is staying hydrated without sugar or dyes."

  • "Thank you Cirkul for keeping me hydrated no matter what workout I am trying to squeeze into my busy schedule. Great taste and convenience - can't be beat!"

  • "I can't believe the Sips last for 6 bottles! It keeps me hydrated and makes a great hiking buddy!"

  • "Cirkul turns my water into a delicious hydrating flavored drink with a twist of the dial. We love the Strawberry Kiwi flavor!"


Find your formula

Choose from 13+ brands with different formulas & benefits and enjoy your water your way with zero calories, no sugar, and no artificial colors.

Pink 12oz. Stainless Steel Bottle

Ready to Get Hydrated?

Drink more water with Cirkul and start crushing your hydration goals.

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Assorted Cirkul flavors

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Fruit Punch

Blue Raspberry

Peach Tea

Hit Stick
(Mixed Berry)

Passion Fruit
Dragon Fruit


Assorted Cirkul flavors