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Enriched with B-Vitamins to fuel your everyday.

Delicious, Zero Calories, Vitamin Enhanced

Honeycrisp Apple Honeycrisp Apple

Vitamin Enhanced
Bright, Crisp

Our Honeycrisp Apple flavor features a juicy blend of sweet and tart. Time for you to take a bite, it’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Your kids (if you decide to share) are going to love it too!

Fruit Punch

Vitamin Enhanced
Bright, Crisp

Fruit punch is a classic. A little citrus. A little sweetness. It's like the classic rock of flavors; the perfect blend of fruity notes that just works.

Strawberry Kiwi

Vitamin Enhanced
Sweet & Smooth

The flavor of spring-time in paradise. Perfectly ripened Strawberries splashed with tangy-sweet tropical Kiwi. One sip and you’ll know you have arrived.

    Peach Mango

    Vitamin Enhanced
    Smooth & Sweet

    Two of our favorite flavors from way down south - peaches and mangoes. These two beauties fuse into smooth, sweet goodness that will take you from fishing at the lake to window shopping down Main Street.

      Watermelon Watermelon

      Vitamin Enhanced
      fruit_018-watermelon-slice-food-plant-treeXinh Studio Sweet & Juicy

      Nothing says refreshing like the taste of Watermelon. I mean, come on, it has water right in its name! Simple, sweet and juicy. But take note, this LifeSip is so good you may just lose your rind.

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      Coconut Pineapple

      Vitamin Enhanced
      Smooth & Sweet

      Coconut and pineapple are independently refreshing. But together? They taste like a Caribbean cruise. This flavor will leave your tastebuds doing the merengue. Suntan not included.

      Strawberry Lemonade (Stevia) Strawberry Lemonade (Stevia)

      Vitamin Enhanced
      Amin Yusifov Tartly Sweet

      Oh sweet summertime - nothing says summer like lemonade. Pair those tart lemons with the sinfully sweet taste of freshly muddled strawberries and you've got a refreshing and satisfying combination that's sure to beat the heat.

      Raspberry Lemonade

      Vitamin Enhanced
      Kanin Abhiromsawat Sweetly Tart

      Lemonade doesn't need to be fresh-squeezed to be delicious. Cirkul's vitamin-enhanced Raspberry Lemonade is refreshingly delightful, no stirring, mixing, or squeezing required.

        Sweet Tea
        & Lemon
        Sweet Tea & Lemon

        Vitamin Enhanced
        Artboard 2 Juraj Sedlák Crisp & Sweet

        There are few things more American than enjoying sweet tea on a summer day. Preferably on a porch swing. Our Sweet Tea and Lemon flavor gives you that feeling in every single sip.

        Lemonade Lemonade

        Vitamin Enhanced
        Tart, Sweet

        Bright, fresh, and tasty. Our vitamin-enhanced Lemonade strikes the perfect balance between tart and sweet. The zesty lemon flavor will take you back to when you were that carefree kid with your very own lemonade stand.