Benefits of Water: How Drinking Water Improves Your Productivity

Benefits of Water: How Drinking Water Improves Your Productivity

Posted on February 17, 2022

Growing up we heard it often - “Make sure you are drinking enough water.” Even though we know our bodies are made mostly of water we still somehow manage to miss out on proper hydration. We know we should drink more water...but do we know what happens to our bodies when we don’t?

According to a 2013 study performed by University of East London, maintaining adequate hydration levels can increase your productivity by 14%! 

In fact, drinking the recommended amount of water each day can have a substantial effect on your overall mental and physical health. But without adequate water you will be faced with fatigue, difficulty sleeping, stress and anxiety, headaches, cramps, and even a lowered immune system. 

Water provides constant electrical energy to your brain which helps you think and react faster. That’s why staying hydrated is vital in keeping your brain functioning at lightning speed. Even a case of mild dehydration can produce a negative impact on your concentration and memory. According to Dr. Brenda Davy,we have learned that even mild dehydration – a body water loss of 1–2% - can impair cognitive abilities.” If you often catch yourself at work or school staring at the same thing for far too long, dehydration could be the cause of your mid-afternoon brain fog! 

Not to worry, the solution is easy and tasty too! If you aren’t earning a gold star in hydration take a look at Cirkul! 

Cirkul makes drinking water easy, fun, and personal so you’ll actually want to drink more water. With over 40 flavors you’ll have added benefits beyond plain water and full control over the intensity of your flavor. One flavor cartridge gives you about 6 bottles full of flavored water on a medium flavor setting for only about 57 cents each bottle full, making Cirkul a great cost effective way to hydrate. 

Dehydration doesn’t stand a chance anymore! Cirkul will have you happily hydrating and the next time someone says - “Make sure you are drinking enough water” you will smile and answer. “Oh, I am. I definitely am.”