Celebrate Citrus Season With Sips Worth Giving a Squeeze About

Celebrate Citrus Season With Sips Worth Giving a Squeeze About

Posted on April 03, 2024

Have you heard? It’s early spring, and that means it’s citrus season! Citrus fruits are known for their bright flavor and juicy tanginess. Let’s take a look at Cirkul’s iconic lemonade brand!

Squeeze Lemonade launched in February of 2023 and has been Cirkul’s main squeeze ever since. Like the real deal, Squeeze Lemonade contains B vitamins and the vibrant, robust tang of citrus. Of course, the classic lemonade flavor mirrors your favorite childhood cup of lemony goodness, but the good times don’t just stop there. You can enjoy a series of fruit pairings that combine the bold flavors of lemonade with sweet options like raspberry, blueberry, and even kiwi!

Squeeze Lemonade redefines the classic water, lemons, and sugar recipe, embracing a new and bold generation of lemonade enthusiasts. While the nostalgic memories of sipping plain lemonade on a porch in the summertime are timeless, Squeeze Lemonade is now making a splash on the scene to revamp this nostalgic refreshment.

There are 12 flavors, so you’ll never run out of the lemonade options you crave. Choose between classics you know and love, like Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade (they're not the same!), and explore more unique combinations, such as Tropical Lemonade. With zero calories, no sugar, and no artificial colors, you’ll probably forget you’re just drinking water! 

The latest new flavor to join the family: Lychee Lemonade! This tiny but mighty fruit brings big flavor! With its juicy lychee notes beautifully enhancing the zesty lemonade, this flavor fusion is a burst of tropical goodness you'll crave! 

Ready for bold citrus to dance across your senses? Cirkul is putting you to the zest to try it out for yourself! Let Squeeze Lemonade show you that water can bring big flavors that pack a punch! If this sounds a-peeling to you, grab Squeeze Lemonade from or your local Walmart!