Did You Know We Have A Referral Program?

Did You Know We Have A Referral Program?

Posted on September 29, 2020

Cirkul is the cool water bottle we all want to tell our friends about, but sometimes it can be hard to explain. Here are a few easy tips to help you share the word about Cirkul with family and friends!  

  • Cirkul is an innovative water bottle that lets you flavor your water sip by sip. You can go from drinking plain water, to drinking your new favorite beverage, and then back to drinking plain water. 
  • You Choose a flavor setting that makes you happy from just a touch of flavor to a lot of flavor or anywhere in between.  
  • Each refreshing flavor is blended with zero sugar, all-natural fruit, tea, and coffee ingredients, and no artificial colors!  There’s a range of lines designed to meet your lifestyle and dietary specifications.

So, what’s better than sharing the best water bottle around with your family and friends? Getting free Sips when you do it! Cirkul’s referral program, Cirkulate will have you jumping for joy. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. 

First, send your personalized Cirkulate link to friends and family. This can be done through text, email, Facebook, whatever you like! Simply log-in to your account and click on the Cirkulate tab to get your own personal link. Or check out your new QR Code! Save a picture of your QR Code on your phone and share your referral link on the go! Have your friends scan the code with their phone's camera and they will be directed to the site where they can order. 

Second, get a free Sip for a referred first purchase! You'll receive 1 credit for a Cirkul Sip for every first purchase generated with your Cirkulate link. Once you have 4 referrals you can redeem them for a free 4-Pack! But that's not all! After 10 successful referrals you'll get a free Stainless-Steel bottle in your choice of color!

Third, your friends and family win too! The loved one who claims their Free Trial via your link or QR code will get $5 off their first subscription purchase! 

Growing the Cirkul community is in large part because of  you, our awesome Sipsters. When you share Cirkul with your friends you help them live a more healthy and hydrated lifestyle. Which Sips will you recommend to your friends first? With 39 flavors you’re sure to impress them. The referral program is easy and fun so keep spreading the word about Cirkul and earning those refreshing Sips!