Drink your “Weigh” to Health

Drink your “Weigh” to Health

Posted on August 10, 2018

As summer comes to an end, you may realize that your beach body was not really what you wanted it to be – well it’s there, just under a few more pounds than you had hoped. Maybe your goals of eating right and getting fit didn’t pan out, because let’s be honest, for most of us, summer is about having fun, relaxing, and not counting calories (who else can’t pass up a summer barbecue with friends?) With Autumn approaching, you’ve thrown in the towel and are thinking “oh well, there’s always next summer…”  Not so fast – it’s not too late to get your dream body and start a healthier lifestyle. It all starts with simply drinking more water!


So Long Soda, Hello Cirkul!

While trying to lose weight, drinking beverages that are high in sugars and calories is a common pitfall. Studies show that a decrease in your intake of beverage calories correlates to an increase in weight loss. Basically - soda will not help you get your dream bod. Soda is packed with sugar, calories, and chemicals – yuck!  What will help you look better and feel better is water! Drinking plain water can be, you know, boring! Some of us need some flavored goodness in our water to take it down! This is where Cirkul comes into play. Our zero calorie, zero sugar blends helps many Cirkul Sipsters cut out soda for good. Cirkul lets you change the intensity of flavor through a special dial on the bottle so you’ll get the right amount of sweetness you need to overcome your soda addiction. Think we’re kidding? Here is what Faith, one Sipster told us about her journey with Cirkul, “I used to drink eight cans of soda a day, I needed it. Since I tried my Cirkul, I have not touched any soda - it’s a miracle! I have already lost 10 pounds in one month.” Cirkul offers 16 refreshing flavors with lifestyle benefits including vitamins, electrolytes, or caffeine.


FitSip Your Workouts

We all know a big component of losing weight is working out. But, have you ever felt lightheaded during your workouts and had to sit out a rep? This could be because you aren’t hydrated. Hydration is essential for workouts! In fact, studies show that if you are dehydrated during your workouts, you lose less fat than if you were hydrated. Water not only helps burn fat, but also strengthens your muscles. Drinking enough water and electrolytes will help you complete your full body workout. If you like a little tang in your water - our FitSips are perfect for you. Try Cirkul’s Mixed Berry, Orange Tangerine, or Lemon Lime FitSips. They have the perfect amount of electrolytes to prevent your muscles from cramping during and after any workout, without the unwanted sugars and calories.


Boost Your Metabolism

If you have ever looked up what helps you lose weight, you’ll see that a faster metabolism is the trick! The faster your metabolism the more quickly the calories are burned. Water boosts your calorie burn without adding any extra calories to your diet! What could possibly be better than water helping you get fit? Flavored water helping you get fit! All of Cirkul’s delicious blends have zero calories and will leave you wanting more of your fruity drink! “It’s amazing how easy it is for me to drink all of the water my body needs with Cirkul,” said Sam.


Craving Food? Grab Your Cirkul!

Have you ever craved a snack right after you ate a meal or wanted a treat mid-afternoon?  Guess what? You might not actually be hungry – you could be thirsty. The symptoms we feel when we’re hungry like our stomachs growling, lightheadedness, and low energy are associated with being thirsty too! So, instead of grabbing a bag of chips, grab your Cirkul - from Coconut Pineapple to Berry Pomegranate, you won’t be limited on a delicious flavor to quench that craving! Here is what Kerry told us about grabbing her Cirkul bottle and Fruit Punch Sip over grabbing a snack, “Whenever I’m craving something sweet throughout the day, I used to eat cookies or candy. Now all I do is grab my Cirkul and the cravings go away. It’s Crazy!” So next time you think “wow I’m so hungry” grab some water - it’s a good indicator to see how hungry you really are!


Now the only question is, “Water you waiting for?” Get going on your beach bod now and have it all year ‘round. With Cirkul those firmer thighs and toned tummy are deliciously and healthfully just around the corner!