Inner Cirkul 101

Inner Cirkul 101

Posted on November 09, 2022

It's incredible to see how far the Cirkul family has come! Did you know there are a few tips and tricks when shopping with Cirkul? 

When you join the Cirkul Family, you begin as a Starter Sipster and receive 2 points for every $1 you spend! You earn points from your first purchase, and as your points increase, so does your level! You can also get bonus points for completing your profile, rating flavors, and having consistent auto-ship orders! Don’t worry; it is easy to track in the Inner Cirkul!

Each level allows you to snag some cool Cirkul gear and get a behind-the-scenes look into all the latest Cirkul news. The top level is the Supreme Sipster, where you get a first look at the new flavors we're launching in our FLVR Lab, allowing you to add some to your cart first!

How many points do you need to reach these titles, and what are the perks of each level?

  • Starter Sipster - Points 0-249 Use your reward points to claim some fun Cirkul goodies
  • Smarter Sipster - Points 250-749 Claim some Cirkul goodies and access Flavor Insider, where you can provide feedback on future Sip flavors. 
  • Super Sipster - Points 750-999 Have the chance to claim some Cirkul goodies, provide feedback on future Sip flavors, and access Cirkul Labs, where you can get a sneak peek into future product improvements.
  • Supreme Sipster – Points 1000 or more Claim some awesome Cirkul goodies, provide feedback on future Sip flavors, access Cirkul Labs, and become a Time Launch Traveler, where you get early access to new products!

No matter what your level is, you are an important part of the Cirkul Family! Get to sippin' and happy hydrating! 💙