Resolution Remix: Drink More Water

Resolution Remix: Drink More Water

Posted on December 29, 2018

I know, I’ve been here before. It’s nearly January 1st and the pressure is on for a real butt-kicking resolution. It’s the brand new year, brand new me post for your Facebook and Instagram to show your friends that you are motivated to achieve your amazing goal. Past years you’ve vowed to give up sugar forever, or lose 40 pounds, or go to the gym seven days a week. Lofty goals. But, somehow, somewhere around January 12th of every year your resolve faded and the goal was never met.

This year, do yourself a favor, in more ways than one, and simply resolve to drink more water.

With Cirkul it’s easy to do and tasty as well! Cirkul is the bottle that flavors your water as you drink. Simply insert your Cirkul Sip into the bottle and enjoy about six fill-ups of your favorite flavored water blend. Choose from Coconut Pineapple, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Watermelon, Raspberry Tea, and many more! Not only delicious, Cirkul Sips have your choice of enhancers from nutritious vitamins, to electrolytes, to healthy energy. Turn the dial for a stronger flavor blend or dial it down to switch back to plain water.

Drinking water has so many great health benefits, so while you are enjoying tasty Cirkul Sips you are getting healthfully hydrated! Water aids with digestion, overall physique, kidney function,  complexion, body temperature, lubrication of joints, prevention of constipation, boosts energy, prevents muscle cramps, remedies headaches, relieves stress, and aids with weight loss.

On January 1st as you make your New Year’s toast, raise your Cirkul bottle and enjoy refreshing and delicious flavored water as you get happily hydrated. Go ahead and congratulate yourself! This is the year you will keep your New Year’s resolution!