Sipsters Asked For A Straw Option: Here It Is!

Sipsters Asked For A Straw Option: Here It Is!

Posted on July 04, 2024

Get ready to elevate your hydration game with the 40oz. All-Day StrawSip Tumbler! 

This innovative tumbler has features that make every sip an adventure and ensure you stay hydrated all day. Let's dive into what makes this tumbler your new hydration buddy!  

1. Innovative StrawSip™ Technology

You might be wondering, “What’s StrawSip technology?” It’s a game-changer! You can enjoy Cirkul Sip cartridges with a straw for the first time! Instead of tipping as you do with your Cirkul bottle, simply sip from your Cirkul Tumbler as you would with a straw. Talk about convenience!

2. 100+ Flavors At Your Fingertips

New product - same great compatibility! It’s a brand-new product for Cirkul, but rest assured that all the Sips are 100% compatible with the All-Day StrawSip Tumbler! The flavor mixes as you drink, so switching between regular and flavored water is a breeze. Enjoy your favorite flavors anytime, anywhere!

3. Leak Resistant

If your tumbler takes a tumble, there’s no need to worry! The lid of your StrawSip is leak-resistant when the cap of your Sip is closed, so you can sip stress-free, knowing there are no leaks in sight! Your drink will stay put no matter what life throws your way. Hydration with the All-Day StrawSip means making a splash without making a mess!

4. Cup Holder Compatible 

Say goodbye to car seat spills or tumbler tip-overs! The All-Day StrawSip Tumbler fits snugly in your car cup holder. Whether on a road trip or running errands, this tumbler keeps your hydration within easy reach and your car dry.

5. Comfort-Grip Handle

Lefties and righties agree that the 2-Position Lid and Comfort-Grip Handle make sipping a breeze for everyone! Simply align the handle to your preferred side using the handy arrow markers on the lid. Hydration has never been so comfortable and accessible!

If you’re wondering where to get this exciting new tumbler, look no further than your local Walmart or Check out the eye-catching, trendy colors of Cherry Blossom, Lilac, Brink, and Carbon!