Snag your Fission and Stage flavors now at

Snag your Fission and Stage flavors now at

Posted on September 08, 2022

Social media buzzed when word spread about two new lines working with the Cirkul® System. Sipsters have enjoyed Fission® and Stage® for their unique blends and benefits, and now, to make hydrating easier, they can be purchased directly from! 

Fission was created for the risk takers, dealmakers, streamers, and dreamers. Whether you're gaming until early morning, squeezing in a late workout, or making it through that dreaded 4 p.m. conference call, Fission will be your wingman. Sipsters enjoy the energy boost in Cirkul's GoSips®, but some wanted an even bigger punch of energy. Fission delivers that caffeinated punch along with a proprietary energy blend as well!

Fission's proprietary blend has high-powered caffeine for energy, adaptogens for whatever life throws at you, BCAAs for recovery, and antioxidants to keep you perfectly balanced. Not to mention it tastes great and has zero calories!

Fission offers six flavors: Florida Man makes headlines and is loaded with hydrating orange-citrus flavor. Send It, packs a punch with its fruit punch flavor. Jackpot has the luck of the Irish on its side with its delicious green apple taste. E.T. phoned home and told his friends lemon-lime was his choice. Blue Magic casts a spell of blue raspberry that you will find marvelously delicious. Finally, Nocturnal works while the competition sleeps, and the sweet and tart berry blend helps you power through the late night hours and well into the morning.

Stage is for the Sipster who pushes their body to the limit. Whether you're actively tracking your workouts via smartwatch, fine-tuning your mountain bike for rugged terrain, or training for your next triathlon, Stage is your new secret weapon. You know you have to fuel your body with the best to perform your best. Packed with sustaining electrolytes and sweetened with Stevia, Stage is designed to perform.

When working out, fluid and electrolyte loss is unique to each person, and Stage and the Cirkul System allow you to replace what your body needs. The electrolyte ratio, controlled by the flavor dial, enables you to vary the electrolyte and flavor intensity to meet your body's needs.

Stage flavors, sweetened with stevia, hydrate without compromise. Stage has four delicious flavors to elevate the athlete in you. Strawberry Watermelon, Blackberry Twist, Lemon Lime, and Orange have the ingredients you need to have you compete.  

If you're ready to conquer the day or push your body to achieve new goals, give Fission and Stage a spin! Head over to and be prepared to crush your hydration goals.