Meet Wild Splash, Your Child's Hydration Hero

Meet Wild Splash, Your Child's Hydration Hero

Posted on January 30, 2024

Let the first word you say to your child in the New Year be, “Yes!” with Wild Splash, the animal-themed brand that makes drinking water enjoyable for kids. After all, what is there to say “No” to? There’s no sugar or artificial colors, and stevia sweetens the deal even more.

Wild Splash is your child's hydration hero from the car, lunchbox, or school bag. There’s no mess involved: Pick a favorite flavor – We’re partial to Shark Strawberry! – Twist in the Sip, turn the flavor dial, and start sipping! Wild Splash can go wherever your kiddo goes, and the Cirkul team wouldn’t want it any other way.

Speaking of flavors, there are three new ones joining the herd! Say hello to Orangutan Orange, Cheetah Cherry, and Walrus Watermelon. Your child can experience hydration in a whole new way with these specially crafted flavors, perfect for making lunchtime even more delicious and enjoyable. 

Throw those costly juice boxes away and stock up on Wild Splash! Cirkul lasts several refills depending on the size of your sprout’s Cirkul bottle. A standard 22oz. bottle is perfect for big kids and comes in stainless steel or plastic. These 22oz. bottles yield approximately six refills of Wild Splash. 

For tinier tots, a 12oz. Plastic Bottle or 12oz. Stainless Steel Bottle is just the right size and can last a whopping 11 fill-ups! Talk about bang for your buck – that’s a range of about 34-63 cents per bottle!

Turn over a new leaf by saying yes to Wild Splash! Make affordability, delicious fruit flavor and, of course, a happy kid your resolution this year. Are you convinced yet? Embrace untamed fun with Wild Splash by shopping the brand on or heading to your local Walmart today!