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Finally, Water is Your
Favorite Beverage®

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LifeSip Fruit Punch Cirkul Sip
No Sugar No Calories
All Natural Flavors WONF 84% Less Plastic No Artificial Colors

Your Water. Your Way®

Choose from over 100+ flavors to dial up or down to find your perfect blend.

In a one size fits all beverage world, Cirkul lets you choose your flavor and intensity.

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FitSip Mixed Berry
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What Sipsters say!

Check out what these happy Sipsters had to say about hydrating with Cirkul!

  • "My preschooler is drinking more water than ever from his 'magic bottle' and I love that he is staying hydrated without sugar or dyes."

  • "Thank you Cirkul for keeping me hydrated no matter what workout I am trying to squeeze into my busy schedule. Great taste and convenience - can't be beat!"

  • "I can't believe the Sips last for 6 bottles! It keeps me hydrated and makes a great hiking buddy!"

  • "Cirkul turns my water into a delicious hydrating flavored drink with a twist of the dial. We love the Strawberry Kiwi flavor!"


Find your formula

Choose from 13+ brands with different formulas & benefits and enjoy your water your way with zero calories, no sugar, and no artificial colors.

  • Live Your Healthiest Life - Starting Now.

    Drink more water with Cirkul and start crushing your hydration goals.

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  • Hydration for Each Member of your Family.

    When a bit of flavor makes it easier to drink water, Cirkul is the answer.

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  • Health through Hydration.

    Cirkul makes the hydration part of your health plan fun, easy, and delicious.

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We believe getting healthy should be easy, convenient and delicious. Impacting people for the better is at the core of what we do. Let's live our lives and stay hydrated.
Let's #DrinkCirkul together.

Pink 12oz. Stainless Steel Bottle

Ready to Get Hydrated?

Drink more water with Cirkul and start crushing your hydration goals.

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Assorted Cirkul flavors

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Sweet Tea

Fission Jackpot
(Green Apple)

Raspberry Lemonade

Stage Strawberry

Blue Raspberry


Assorted Cirkul flavors