Bring Spring Cleaning to Your Diet and Hydration Routine

Bring Spring Cleaning to Your Diet and Hydration Routine

Posted on March 19, 2024

As temperatures start to rise, embracing the season’s renewal through spring cleaning means refreshing your home as well as your wellness routine! A great way to personally benefit from your springtime transformation is to improve your diet by eating better and drinking more water - and that’s where Cirkul comes in!

Cirkul provides a custom, convenient, and clean way to drink more water, completely guilt-free. Let’s face it: many beverages on the market simply aren’t healthy. Some contain high fructose corn syrup, dyes, or other additives. However, Cirkul contains no sugar, no dyes, and zero calories, making it a great alternative to sugary drinks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 24% of Americans' daily added sugars come from soda, energy, and sports drinks. Staying hydrated with Cirkul while skipping all the sugar has many benefits. Boosting your water intake can help you kickstart your metabolism, improve your mood, and support healthy, glowing skin! It all starts from within, so hydration is the key. 

Helping you drink more water is the name of Cirkul’s game, and with over 100 flavors, you’ll surely meet your hydration goals this spring. There’s no need to fear becoming tired of tasteless, plain water. With Cirkul, the options are endless, and you’ll quickly realize that water can become your favorite beverage! Head to or your local Walmart to pick up a Cirkul Bottle and some flavor cartridges. Make your spring renewal less about dusting and more about you!