Learn Why These 3 Sipsters Love Hydrating the Cirkul Way!

Learn Why These 3 Sipsters Love Hydrating the Cirkul Way!

Posted on April 24, 2019

Cirkul has countless awesome Sipsters that make up the Cirkul Family. So, in the spirit of “Get To Know Your Customer Day,” we knew we had to do something special! Becky, Cody, and Charlene are three enthusiastic Sipsters who love hydrating the Cirkul way. 

Becky had just been through gastric sleeve surgery and was required to consume 64 to 96 ounces of non-carbonated water a day. Although she was making headway with her weight loss, she was struggling with her water consumption goals. It was only a month ago that Becky came across Cirkul in one of her Bariatric groups, and according to her, that's when everything changed.

"I’ve tried all the diet drinks but they are so sweet, I just wanted flavor in my water and I'm so thankful I discovered Cirkul! I can turn the flavor up or down depending on my mood! By getting all my water in I’m feeling more hydrated and not craving snacks as much," Becky said. 

Now that she’s getting the proper amount of water and losing weight, Becky is feeling much better, and looking forward to spending more time raising, training, and showing her German Shepherds! Becky continues to recommend Cirkul to her friends and family. 

"I just ordered the PureSips and can’t wait for them to arrive! I’ve had family and friends order Cirkul. They are loving the wide variety of flavors that are available!" Becky exclaimed. 

Cody has also experienced the benefits of increasing his water intake. After using Cirkul for only a month or so, Cody began to notice changes. Ever since he was a child, Cody never liked the taste of water and avoided it as much as possible. This resulted in Cody suffering from severely dry skin, irritating headaches, and other health issues. 

When asked how drinking more water improved his life, Cody said, "I used to try flavor packs before Cirkul, and they were just too grainy and tasted kind of gross. I really love Cirkul and talk about it all the time to everyone because it legit helped to improve my life and health in such a short amount of time. This is literally the first time in my life I haven't been dehydrated, and I'm in my early 30's. Where have you been all my life?" 

Charlene may have the most impactful story of these three Sipsters because her daughter, Zoey, has a severe allergy to artificial dyes and Cirkul has no artificial colors or dyes. 

Because of her allergy to food colorings, Charlene has to drastically limit the kinds of drinks her daughter can enjoy.

The dye allergy is so severe that a few years ago when Charlene applied sunblock lotion to her daughter’s skin, within a few minutes her daughter was on the floor barely breathing and covered in hives.  Fortunately, she was rushed to  the ER just in time to get the treatment she needed. "It was one of the scariest times of my entire life." Charlene said. 

After going home and discarding anything and everything that could possibly endanger Zoey, Charlene found the Cirkul website and decided to give it a try. "Because of Cirkul my daughter is now drinking from 60 to 80 ounces of water every day. I have recommended your product to everyone I know and I can say for sure that I will be a customer for life. I will continue to purchase your products not only because they taste great and are so easy to use, but because you literally saved my child from dehydration and sickness." 

If you’ve been impacted by Cirkul, share your hydration success. Send your personalized Cirkulate link to friends and family! Just log-in to your account and click on the Cirkulate tab to get your link. When you share and they buy, you win free Sips! 

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