Fitting Cirkul Into Your Daily Routine

Fitting Cirkul Into Your Daily Routine

Posted on September 30, 2021

Most of us want to drink more water but there are two issues that stop us from embracing this important aspect of a healthier life.  

  1. Flavor - The taste of water gets a bit, well, boring. We crave some flavor and grab a soda or juice and end up drinking lots of sugar and food dyes.  
  2. Convenience - We are all busy and need a quick way to hydrate! From the student, to the health care worker, to the stay at home mom we all squeeze a lot into our days. This causes us to search for a convenient thirst quencher which unfortunately may not be the healthiest choice. 

No worries! Cirkul is here and is the solution you’ve been seeking! 

You want flavor? Cirkul offers 40+ delicious flavors in six different categories. Impressive, right? But, there’s more! Each flavor cartridge known as a Sip is customizable to suit your taste. Cirkul Sips have a flavor dial so if you're in the mood for just a hint of flavor you can dial down to a 2 or if you’re craving a rush of flavor dial it up to 10! No more one-flavor-fits-all solution for you! Have your flavor just the way you want with zero sugar, zero calories, and no artificial colors. 

You want convenience? How about grabbing your Cirkul Bottle and one Sip and being set for the day? No more searching for quarters at the vending machine or stopping to run into a gas station to pay double what you should for a drink. Your Sip will give you about 6 fill ups of tasty flavored water at a cost of about 57 cents per bottle.

With the amazing combination of great flavors and convenience with Cirkul, drinking water will be a breeze and you’ll soon be on your way to happy and healthy hydration.