Spend Your Spring Break With These Cirkul Products

Spend Your Spring Break With These Cirkul Products

Posted on March 05, 2024

Spring break has finally arrived, and vacations planned months ago are well underway! Drinking lots of water is more important than ever for a time notorious for being spent under the sun. Luckily, Cirkul has got you covered! Whether you’re hopping on a plane or having a hassle-free staycation, here are some quintessential Cirkul products that will make a splash on your vacation!  

1. Get Started with the Basics! 

Cirkul Bottle and Comfort-Grip Lid are the first things you need to enjoy your Cirkul flavors. From stainless steel to shatterproof plastic, there’s a bottle for everyone in your family. Start small with a 12oz. bottle that’s perfect for children and can be easily stowed in a carry-on bag, or go with a classic 22oz. bottle if you need a little extra hydration. There are even bigger sizes for serious water lovers. Check out the 32oz., 42oz., and 62oz. bottles! All Sips, along with an empty bottle, can pass right through TSA.

2. Caffeinated Sips!

Once your bottle and lid are ready to go, it’s time to beat jetlag with one of Cirkul’s delicious caffeinated brands. GoSip is everyone’s go-to, but Frosted Iced Coffee and Frosted Refreshers mirror the cup of coffee or iced refresher you would have ordered anyway! If coffee shop classics aren’t your thing, Gateway Tea offers a caffeine boost with a mouthwatering down-home brewed tea flavor. If your eyelids are still starting to close, consider trying Fission or Inflow Energy, which contains more energy to help you power through.

 3. Replenish with Electrolyte-Enhanced Sips!

Plan on hitting the beach or exploring a European city? If sweat is in your future, then your body needs electrolytes. Restore what you’ve lost with FitSip, Flyte, and Stage flavors while enjoying the convenience of keeping your Cirkul Bottle with you at all times. With a few of these Sips in your beach bag, backpack, or purse, easy on-the-go hydration and electrolytes are possible no matter where you are in the world.

4. Protect your Bottle with Cirkul Accessories While on Vacation!

Okay, you’re already on the vacation of champions with your fave travel companion – your Stainless Steel Bottle, but how will you keep it protected? Two words: Shock Sleeve. Made specifically for Stainless Steel Bottles, the Shock Sleeve is a two-piece protective layer made out of premium silicone to provide a barrier against the elements. As for the Plastic Bottle, it’s already shatterproof, but the Chill Sleeve keeps your water nice and cold for hours of adventuring. 

You are sure to have the spring break of your dreams with Cirkul by your side. Remember, when you travel, staying hydrated is vital, and with Cirkul, you won’t have to worry about hydration in the chaos of last-minute changes to your busy itinerary. Here’s to an unforgettable adventure!