Super-Model or Super-Sipster?

Super-Model or Super-Sipster?

Posted on October 20, 2020

Want some top model beauty secrets? From a trim waist to glowing skin there’s a common theme among top models, adequate water intake. It’s no surprise that increasing your water intake is good for you but what does water really do for your body? To name a few, water prevents dry mouth, cleanses your body, helps your muscles and joints, regulates body temperature, and promotes heart health. 

However, it’s not just as simple as drinking a lot of water. When to hydrate and how to hydrate are key to optimizing your hydration. Never wait until you’re thirsty or you’ve missed the mark. First thing in the morning you should always drink water. I know all you coffee lovers are out there moaning. So, guess what? Just pop in a refreshing BrewSip, win win! If you’re looking for a refreshing start to your morning and not looking for caffeine, try a Cucumber PureSip and jump-start your morning hydration. 

Next, let’s talk about meals. There’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t drink water during meals. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, “There's no concern that water will dilute the digestive juices or interfere with digestion. In fact, drinking water during or after a meal aids digestion. Water helps break down food so your body can absorb the nutrients.” When dining out, make sure to bring your Cirkul bottle along and ask the waiter for water. All those beverage savings mean you can order that appetizer you’re eyeing. 

Models are known for their flawless skin which many attribute to water consumption. Sugar can clog pores and lead to breakouts so across the board models say soda is an absolute nonstarter. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and proper hydration will help you have a clear and healthy glow. 

Since the same part of the brain interprets both hunger and thirst sometimes the signals get crossed. Many top models say the key to their trim figure comes from realizing when they are hungry. If you’re feeling hungry but have eaten recently, open your favorite Sip and drink a bottle of tasty water. After 30 minutes if you’re still feeling hungry, it’s time for a snack! This is a great method to control diet and can lead to weight loss.  

Top models know a thing or two about cleanses and water can aid in flushing toxins from the body. According to Elle Magazine’s “Models Share Their Beauty Tips” article, super model Rachel Hilbert says “hydrate constantly - water helps flush out any toxins in your body. I try to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day or more.” Your kidneys use water to expel waste products from your body. If you’re dehydrated your kidneys don’t have adequate fluid to work properly. 

The National Academies of Sciences recommends daily fluid intake should be about 16 cups of water for men and about 12 cups of water a day for women. In Cirkul terms, at least 4 Cirkul Bottles full for women and 6 Cirkul Bottles full for men. 

Super model Josephine Skriver sums it up beautifully with her top beauty tip, “Water hydration is my number one beauty trick. It keeps your skin looking fresh and also keeps your energy up. Smile – having a positive attitude is always key.” We agree with Josephine, just thinking about that Strawberry Kiwi LifeSip puts a smile on our lips so raise your Cirkul bottle and drink up!