What's New This Month at Cirkul

What's New This Month at Cirkul

Posted on February 06, 2024

February is jam-packed with exciting developments at Cirkul and the team can’t wait to share the details with Sipsters. From Bottle Drops to exciting new flavors, Cirkul has been hard at work preparing products for you to enjoy, and now it’s time to tell you all about them!

New Insulated Squeeze Bottles have launched!

A new Squeeze Bottle has arrived as a Bottle Drop with added insulation to keep your water colder for longer! Even with an insulating layer, the flexible plastic body still provides maximum squeezability for quick sips. This way, you can focus more on physical activity and less on melting ice cubes. Every bottle needs a companion, so say hello to the Sport Lid, engineered with a straight, centered spout for seamless sipping.

New, delicious byCirkul flavors!

Three excellent new flavors are joining the byCirkul family and are here to stay: Gateway Honey Green Tea, Verda Orange Pineapple, and Sabrocita Prickly Pear. If your mouth isn’t watering already, let’s get into each flavor’s delectable descriptions:

Gateway Honey Green Tea takes the mildly sweet and earthy taste of the original Gateway Green Tea and gives it a buttery, indulgent quality with the addition of honey. Immerse yourself in each sip of Honey Green Tea; it’s sure to become a cult classic.

Verda Orange Pineapple is up next, and you can already tell this flavor is like a fresh burst of sunrise just by reading its name! Get a taste of the tropics without stepping foot on an airplane with this stevia-sweetened blend of juicy pineapple and tangy orange flavor. What’s not to love?

Last but not least, Sabrocita Prickly Pear emerges as an exotic addition to the already unique Sabrocita line. Here’s what to expect – the sweet prickly pear fruit tastes like watermelon, with hints of pear, strawberry, and kiwi. Have fun exploring this new flavor that will quickly become your future fave!

There you have it, Sipsters! With all these new products, your Cirkul experience is about to get a whole lot sweeter and definitely more fun! Stay tuned for new, exciting releases coming in the near future!