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What is Cirkul?


Know you should drink more water, but just have trouble doing it? Yep, we get it. Cirkul helps you kick the soda habit and get rid of those sugary beverages without sacrificing on taste!

  • All Cirkul’s flavors are made with no sugar and zero calories
  • Designed with no sugar, zero calories, and all-natural flavors your taste-buds, and your body will thank you
  • Dehydration has met its match with flavor and formula options for easy sipping for all lifestyles and dietary needs


Have trouble picking water over that sugary beverage? We get it. Cirkul helps you hydrate the way your body needs without compromising on taste!


Hydration shouldn't be one flavor fits all so make your water as unique as you. With Cirkul you can have your water, your way.

  • Cirkul’s patented flavor dial puts you in control of the amount of flavor in each sip, from 0 to 10 or anywhere in between
  • Switch from water to flavor then back again with a quick twist of the dial
  • Tons of flavors to choose from, and always a choice to meet your lifestyle and dietary specifications.


Like a little more flavor? Or maybe a little less? We believe your beverage should be as unique as you.


Not only is it delicious, Cirkul is designed to make hydration easy, convenient, and fun.

  • Cirkul’s flavor cartridges are perfectly portable so when you are ready to hydrate, Cirkul is ready for you
  • Skip the messy liquid and powder flavor enhancers - Cirkul's innovative system lets you flavor as you sip
  • A Cirkul Sip will flavor four bottles of water letting you dial in the flavor you want without the excess baggage


Cirkul makes hydration easy and convenient for every lifestyle.

Enjoy Your Water, Your Way!

  • - All-Natural Flavors.
  • - Zero Calories.
  • - No Sugar.
  • - No Colors.
  • - No Nonsense.

Delicious beverages with none of the tradeoffs. Feel good when you drink... That’s Happy Hydration!

Bundle includes: PureSip 4-Pack and 22oz Cirkul bottle & lid!

LifeSip bundle

Fruit Punch

Fruit punch is a classic. A little citrus. A little sweetness. It’s like the classic rock of flavors; the perfect blend of fruity notes that just works.

Coconut Pineapple

Coconut and pineapple are independently refreshing. But together? They taste like a Caribbean cruise. This flavor will leave your tastebuds doing the merengue. Suntan not included.

Sweet Tea & Lemon

There are few things more American than enjoying sweet tea on a summer day. Preferably on a porch swing. Our Sweet Tea and Lemon flavor gives you that feeling in every single sip.

Raspberry Lemonade

Lemonade doesn’t need to be fresh-squeezed to be delicious. Cirkul’s vitamin-enhanced Raspberry Lemonade is refreshingly delightful, no stirring, mixing, or squeezing required.

Bundle includes: PureSip 4-Pack and 22oz Cirkul bottle & lid!

FitSip+GoSip bundle

Mixed Berry

Whether it’s game day or leg day, our Mixed Berry flavor has the electrolytes you need to help push through your most rigorous workouts. Burpees don’t stand a chance.

Orange Tangerine

Oranges and tangerines; they’re practically first-cousins on the family fruit tree. And they work together to make this electrolyte-enhanced flavor perfectly tart and simply sweet all at once.

Black Cherry

Give your taste buds a wake-up call. Our energy-enhanced Black Cherry flavor will keep you hydrated and caffeinated so you can stay focused. And awake.

Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberry and watermelon are the hip-hop power couple of flavors. Fierce individually, but even more powerful together. Stay energized and hydrated all at once with this bright, fruity favorite.

Bundle includes: PureSip 4-Pack and 22oz Cirkul bottle & lid!

PureSip bundle


Our taste bud tingling, tart touch of all-natural Lemon allows you to refresh your water with a hint of flavor. Have all the zest you want, with no added sweetness.


Take yourself to a sunny summer afternoon with our delicious Peach flavor. Juicy and refreshing, pit not included.


Tasty and tart with just the right hint of berry, our all-natural Raspberry will tickle your taste buds all day long.


A perfect squeeze of citrus, this deliciously ripe blend tastes like it was freshly picked right from the tree. So refreshing, you'll be looking around for the peel.